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    Colleges are watching! The pressure is on! Academic Fitness is here to help. Let AF help you get through one of the most difficult essays of your life. We'll show you the insights into what colleg...

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    Yes, there's no doubt you can write. However, can you write according to college expectations? Do you know what colleges are looking for in your writing? Eliminate the stress. Get the edge. Devel...

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    Professional writing services for resume building, business proposals, plans, and more coming soon.

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"The gap between high school and college is not a step up, it's a leap!" ~Nadine M. Smith, Entrepreneur, Real Estate

College Expectations

Over the next 4+ years, you will write dozens upon dozens of papers. You will need to know how to write over 20 different essays! And guess what? Your professors will not show you how each essay should be written, what each entails, and what formats should be used. They will expect you to either already know this information before walking into their classroom or to rise to the occasion.

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